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Old Pages of Moonlight

Page One: Start

Creator Commentary:

Wow! The first page of what I promised would be the final restart... I shouldn't make promises I can't keep. Sorry again! Fourth time's the charm, right?
...Yeah, sorry. Anyways, this page has two different styles because I was asking which style looked nicer. Basically everyone liked the sai style better, but I ended up going with the MS Paint style since I could make more comics in less time with it.

Page Two: When it's Nine in the Afternoon

Creator Commentary:

The second page! Here's the comments from this page. This one's pretty uneventful. I'm pretty awful at perspective, but back then I was even moreso, and that bed thing took forever. That's why I copy-pasted it so many times. I wanted to milk it dry.

Page Three: On My Way

Creator Commentary:

Here's where we see more of Kirby's heroic personality! Our little heroic puffball. The comments once again. Don't mind whatever my comment was. It was High School Musical lyrics. Also yeah Pitch had really long legs but don't worry I changed that. I'm not even kidding it was like he was on stilts I have no idea what I was thinking.

Page Four: Hey You!

Creator Commentary:

where did that kirby even come from what was i thinking THAT'S WHERE KIRBY WAS WALKING FROM .. bah. MAybe he just randomly flew there. Yeah. Here's the good ol' comments, and mine this time, too! Anyways yeah I used a sprited halberd but WHATEVER i don't like drawing ships comfort zone what's that?

Page Five: Don't Slow Down

Creator Commentary:

Whah-HEY It'S a NEW ABILITY. Yeah I know different enemies can give Kirby the same copy abilities in the games but... Uh.. Artistic liberties. Yeah. Also he wouldn't have been able to puff up his way up there because he's always used a warpstar or dynablade to get up to the halberd so I mean you could argue an ability wouldn't work either but... Well uh WHOA WHAT'S THAT.. LOOKS LIKE... THE COMMENTS...

Also if you're interested here's a thing that happened in the comments.

Page Six: Alert

Creator Commentary:

A full page of just my silly ol' fan characters. Sombre and Kristie, completing the holy trio! There's still other characters intended to be introduced, but they're all up there in the banner, haha. At this point, there had been a gap in updates (what else is new), so most of the comments were just about how there was an update. Heck, my own comment was about how there was an update. That's how much I suck at this whole webcomic gig.

Page Seven: On the Halberd

Creator Commentary:

This one's pretty uneventful. Who could the hero be?? It couldn't be.... OUR kirby??

Page Eight: Communication Kills

Creator Commentary:

yo mk got out of there FAST. It couldn't be.... That I couldn't draw him with those fat lines I was using at the time!?

Here's the good ol' comments!

Page Nine: Note Taking 101

Creator Commentary:

Nuanced exposition is for suckers! I'm no sucker. That's why my exposition sucks. :(

Good ol' comments! I love comments. :)

Page Ten: The Trio Together

Creator Commentary:

The last page I had in this version of Moonlight! ...Sorry again. Like, really sorry. But I really really do want to finish telling this story! Very little details about the story have changed, but... I dunno, I just feel like if I really quicken the pacing, I won't lose motivation as easily this time around. I won't make any promises, but, I really do want to finish this story. I can definitely say that I won't be trashing Moonlight any time soon. Also, here's the comments.

All right, that's all the old pages of the previous version. I'll most likely add the pages from the other versions later. I'm really sorry again for not only a huge lack of updates, but also for another reboot. Like I said, I can't make any promises, but I really want this to be the last one, and I really want to be able to complete this story, so this project won't be abandoned any time soon. Thanks again.